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Foundations of Aliveness:


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Rest, Reflect, Renew

December 21st - January 11th

In the stillness, the cold, the darkness — we will take time to pause together. Though the world might push us to the brink of insanity in the holiday season, we will rebel. And take the time we need to align ourselves with the natural rhythm the earth offers us at this time.

This four-week study group begins on the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere: December 21st. The shortest day and longest night ushers in a magical time of year. It invites us to rest and reflect. To renew ourselves, and gather our energy and strength for the year ahead.

Imagine feeling refreshed in mid-winter! Listening to your body’s signals, rather than pushing against them and struggling to keep up. Boosting your immune system instead of getting run down. Developing a solid foundation for whatever changes are waiting for you in the new year. Making those changes organically, with ease — because you’ll be aligned with your deepest self.

Together, we will explore:

What your soul needs to feel renewed and restored for the year ahead

What your creative self requires to feel nourished and soothed

Tools to tune in to your health and support your body

Why it’s important to allow yourself to fully feel painful emotions like grief, longing, and loss

What might be changing about you, in this cocoon of hibernation

How to lovingly set and share boundaries with your loved ones when you need time and space

Understanding the difference between darkness and depression

Maintaining intimacy and connection during times of quiet and reflection

Sitting in the richness of solitude

We will gather:

Virtually, in a private Zoom room
(recorded if you have to catch up later)

For four live sessions of 90 minutes each on
December 21, December 28, January 4, January 11
@5pm EST

In a closed Facebook group for sharing and support

You may also want to:

Dive deeper into the content with optional readings posted in our group resources.

Complete a weekly activity or reflection designed to deepen the course content.

Attend open office hours (TBA) with Monica for a free-form conversation and coaching upon request.

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