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Foundations of Aliveness


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Engage, Activate, Energize

April 9 - 30

When a tendril of green finally pops out of the earth, we notice. We rejoice. We feel renewed and energized. But what about the day before, when we are pining for Spring, feeling like it will never come? How do we greet this liminal space of rebirth?

It’s so easy to forget that before a bloom, the bud is gathering energy and strength just below the surface. Building potency, assembling nutrients, preparing to show it’s face to the sun and air.

It is time to stir what is stagnant, water what is thirsty. Dip into your inner well of creativity and see what is ready to blossom. It’s time to awaken.

AWAKENING is our focus for the month of April in the Foundations of Aliveness Learning Series. Timed to coincide with spring (in the northern hemisphere, sorry to my Aussie friends!), this four-week course is designed to light the spark that leads to creation.

Desires that went dormant. Dreams that are right below the surface. Seeds of brilliance that need your voice, your energy, your invitation to grow into full-fledged ideas.

We are creative beings, at our core. Our life force energy is for more than procreation — it’s a source of fuel that enhances every part of your life.

Together, we will explore:

Ways to germinate ideas and determine the best way to bring them to life

How to generate more creative energy and focus it into stagnant parts of your life

Explore the sensual nature of the physical body and how it contributes to your capacity for creativity

Dig up desires that may be dormant but not dead — and breathe new life into them

Confront places where you feel numb, sleepy, tired, and worn down — and revive yourself

Notice where digital distraction may be stealing your life force energy and reclaim your time

Understand how the spring “heat cycle” affects you, and how you can harness the energy and focus it into projects and places where you need the boost

Tackle challenges that have eluded solutions and look at them with fresh eyes

Create opportunities to take risks, be spontaneous, and try new things, even if you feel fearful

Find your personal gateways to more energy, more vibrancy, more excitement and create rituals and shortcuts to boosts of aliveness when you need them

Take old projects off the shelf and decide if it’s time to revive them or release them

Tend to your “inner garden” to create space for nutrients to flow in and toxins to flow out

Course Details

We will gather:

Virtually, in a private Zoom room
(recorded if you have to catch up later)

For four live sessions of 90 minutes each on
April 9, 16, 23, 30
@7pm EST

In a closed Facebook group for sharing and support

You may also want to:

Dive deeper into the content with optional readings posted in our group resources.

Complete a weekly activity or reflection designed to deepen the course content.

Attend open office hours (TBA) with Monica for a free-form conversation and coaching upon request.

Eligible to attend the Annual Client Retreat, August 1-4, 2019.
(Registration in Awakening will trigger a formal invitation to the retreat.)

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