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You are alive, but you aren’t.


Have you ever felt that way?

As if there is this secret you that wants a lot, feels a lot, sees a lot, knows a lot…but doesn’t come out a lot. A wild and free version of yourself that seems like maybe a little too much for the world.

One day – a day you probably don’t even remember – you tucked that version of yourself away. To keep it safe. Promising yourself you would let this part roam free when the conditions were right.

Then, life happened.

It may have even happened hard. It may have hurt. Causing the walls around that secret self to become thick, almost impenetrable. What you intended as protection became a prison.

At some point (maybe now) that secret self wants OUT. But you can’t find the door, have lost the key, aren’t sure if you can trust this part of yourself. Or protect it.


That’s where MAD LIFE begins.

Our programs are designed to liberate this aliveness that’s been held captive for too long. And then, because we know what happens next, we also offer programs to support you as you remake your entire world.

Because, eventually, you won’t rest until every part of your life reflects this new integrated and alive self -- in all of its joy, creativity, inspiration, intuition, and real, raw expression. It’s that good.


What a ride these past two years have been! When I look back, it’s difficult for me to recognize the woman who started coaching with you as me. There’s been so much growth! A new business, a new relationship – and the sense I now have that anything I can imagine is actually possible.

MAD Experiences