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Just You & Me


You don’t have to choose from the menu.


You can create your own adventure.

“Liberating aliveness” sounds so sexy, doesn’t it? But I’m not fooled by it, and I don’t want you to be, either.

It’s a wild ride. One you don’t have to take alone.

Keep scrolling to find the options to work with me individually, and see if any of them speak to you.  Or, you can just send me a note. Tell me…everything. And we can go from there.



Revive your alive

It’s in there somewhere – even if you haven’t felt it for a while.

Your passion. Your fire. Your desire. Let’s find it, together.


Pulse is an introductory coaching experience that helps you locate the beat of your life – and amplify it.


Private Intensive


Meet me in Morocco?
Dive deep in the desert?
Come hang out in my living room?

Private intensives are exactly that: Private. Intensive.

It means we focus on you. Together. But that can look a lot of different ways.

With an artist client, it meant meeting in Manhattan and crawling through galleries, creating a vision for her own work to manifest.

With a consultant who lives life on the road, it meant a walk in the woods near my home, with frequent stops to sit, and talk, and slow down the pace enough to feel something.

With a woman stepping out of a 30-year marriage, it meant sharing a beautiful bungalow in Sedona, and unearthing the creative, sensual, powerful erotic creature she had lost track of somewhere along the way.

With the founder of a nonprofit, it meant sitting at my dining room table, mapping out what would later become her first published book.

A Private Intensive can be anywhere from a half-day to 2-days in duration.

We can meet anywhere in the world. Or you can come to where I live, outside of Philadelphia, PA, and stay in a boutique hotel on a quaint shopping district nearby. The experience includes a two-hour session before and after our intensive – to prepare and then integrate the work we do together.

Once we determine the experience, we can find the right fee. You can look on my calendar to see where in the world I’ll be – and inquire about my availability while I’m there. Or, you can let me know when and where you might want to meet and see if I am available.

Magic happens at private intensives. Every time.

I’ve worked with Monica in a variety of capacities, and in each of them, one thing is clear: She’s a wizard. Monica creates permission, ease, and serenity in her presence. She creates the gift of letting you be exactly as you are, and that grants permission to step in to the person that you want to be. Working with Monica isn’t something you can boil down to a series of steps, because that would be like trying to create science from magic.

Custom Coaching


“Your best life becomes possible the day you give up trying to fit your desires into any one box, impress anyone, apologize for what you want and don’t want, worry about what someone will think, or try to be someone you’re not.”

I work with people who are on fire — or who at least want to be.

With people who are waking up to something new in their lives. With people who are coming alive.

I work with individual women and men. Power couples. Executives. Entrepreneurs. Artists. Philanthropists. And average people with big aspirations.

When people ask, “Are you a business coach or a life coach?” I answer yes. Because those distinctions make no sense to me. Your life is your life. It includes all of it. So we tackle all of it.

Money, sex, power.
Intimacy, spirit, love.
Success, confidence, passion.
Creation, repetition, brilliance.

No more hiding any part of you.

A custom coaching program allows us to tailor a program to suit YOU. Exactly where you are. A program that goes at your pace, that is responsive to your desires. And that can hold all of you.

Programs are in 6-month rotations, on average. They can be adapted to fit your lifestyle and time constraints. And they may include a combination of attending events, participating in groups, or private intensives – in whatever combination fits for you.

To begin a conversation and see if a custom program is right for you, contact me.



MAD Apprentice

Coaching can be an isolating practice.

It can be a challenging business model. And it pushes us, constantly, to be exploring our own edges and doing our own work.

I am protective of the coaching profession.

I want coaches to have integrity, to be highly skilled, to be clean and clear in their own being – so they can handle the responsibilities that come with such intimate involvement in people’s lives. I consider working with other coaches as an add-on, not a focus, of my practice. And a way to contribute to the profession.

I work with a limited number of coaches in an apprentice capacity – no more than two per year.

We work on both the skill of coaching as well as the business of coaching. This includes a combination of individual coaching with me, participation in my events and groups, and mentoring as you develop your own clients and systems.

I am especially keen on working with coaches who have their own vision, or are forging their own unique approach – rather than following a formula, model or guru.

If you are a coach, or want to be, and my way of practicing sounds interesting to you, contact me and tell me:

  • Where are you in your practice?

  • Where do you want to be?

  • And what’s holding you back?

I will review, and set up a time for us to speak. I know many coaches who practice with skill and integrity — if we are not a fit, I am happy to refer you to someone.


MAD Experiences