Where do you need to come alive?

A flexible five-part online learning series

Most of us look at life as if it were a series of problems to be solved. We chase fleeting pleasures and try to avoid enduring pains. We repeat cycles that have us feeling stuck. We look for quick fixes to our problems. Easy-money schemes, flowers-and-candy romances. Ten tips for this and a four-hour solution for that.

Here’s the truth: the “easy” way is the long way in disguise.

The easy way just looks easy. It’s sold as being easy. But really, it’s an illusion. And when we chase an illusion, we burn out, get frustrated and quit, get sick, go broke. The ruse of the easy way is going to be the death of us all.

So today, I invite you to consider trying a new way.

Tend To Your Foundation and Watch Your Life Change with Ease

I know. This is going to sound counterintuitive. You ready?

When you stop chasing the illusion of “easy,” you’ll actually find what you’re looking for: ease. This occurs when you put your attention on the foundation of your life, instead of your top level problems.

Solutions don’t trickle down, they rise UP.

This can be hard to trust, but it isn’t hard to do. It just means a change in your focus, and letting the rest fall into place.

Ease, not easy.

Tending to your foundation starts by asking different questions:

How’s your nervous system? How has the world left its mark on you?

What moves you? What settles you?

What accelerates your heartbeat? What catches your breath in your throat?

Is it hard to speak your truth? Are you free with your desire?

What shatters your heart? And how do you heal?

Who occupies your intimate space? How do you like to be loved?

How can you increase the potency of what you create in the world?

What does fulfillment feel like in your body?

And so on and so on…

Until the quality of your life becomes more compelling than your persistent problems.

You develop a new sense of ALIVENESS. And it’s not fleeting or inexplicable. It’s not a brief blip in a sea of monotony and discontent.

It’s a full-feeling, deep-hearted, activated and engaged way of living. It isn’t hard because it’s natural. It’s simply what it is to be fully human.

That’s when everything changes. Almost automatically.

Solutions become more visible. Innate wisdom becomes more accessible. Joy becomes inevitable.

Introducing the Foundations of Aliveness Learning Series

The Foundations of Aliveness Learning Series is designed to show you how you can activate that exhilarating feeling of aliveness — whenever and wherever you want.

Each course in this five-part series stands on its own. So you can take any that speak to you and skip any that don’t. Or, you can take the entire series.

Each one aligns with the seasons, so that you’re learning from your surroundings, from nature, and from the natural rhythms of your life as much as you are from the content of the course. In this way, you are unlocking an encoded wisdom — ways of being that already live inside you.

That’s what makes this path easier than the one you’re on. You already innately know everything we will discuss in this series. It’s your foundation. We will just spend some time together, dusting it off, scraping away the crud on top, and adjusting to a new level of aliveness.

One that lives inside you already.


Four Live Weekly Sessions
(recorded to watch later if need be)

One Open Office Session
(for questions, coaching, and conversation)

Weekly Reflections and Activities

Online Facebook Group for Sharing and Support

Enroll in the entire series and you’ll also receive:

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