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Foundations of Aliveness:


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Connect, Share, Explore

Beginning Valentine’s week

If there is one cultural myth that has hurt us more than any other it is this: falling in love and falling out of love. As if love occurs in this foreign land that we access accidentally, and that spits us out arbitrarily. As if we have no agency, no choice — we are merely victims of our chemistry.

I call BS! And if you join me for this four-week study group, you won’t ever buy that nonsense again, either.

You won’t need to — because you will have the map to the magical land of deep, loving, intimate (and hot!) relating — and you’ll know exactly how to get there, how to stay, and when to leave.

Further, a level of intimacy occurs in ALL of our relationships — from friendship to life partnership and everything in between. Even our work relationships! INTIMACY reveals the skills and mindset you need to feel comfortable, confident and clear in every intimate relationship in your life.

INTIMACY is our focus for the month of February in the Foundations of Aliveness Learning Series. Often referred to as the “Valentine’s” month, and filled with romantic binges that neither satisfy or nourish our relationships, INTIMACY is designed to reveal the long game of relating.

Together, we will explore:

What makes friendship the highest form of relating

The importance of replacing judgment with curiosity

How to have more play and fun in all of your relationships

The secrets of generating more heat and passion with your partner
(regardless of how long you’ve been together)

Magic words that can instantly communicate what you want

How to acknowledge past trauma without reliving it in the present

Why keeping score makes you the loser, every time

What it takes to be wilder and more experimental together

Why you want to tell your partner the truth
(it’s not why you think)

The real meaning of jealousy and why you can stop fearing it

The radical approach to consent that is sexier than anyone admits

Developing habits that create emotional intimacy in all of your relationships

How to hold a sexual boundary without losing the energy and charge of attraction in platonic relationships

Course Details

We will gather:

Virtually, in a private Zoom room
(recorded if you have to catch up later)

For four live sessions of 90 minutes each on
February 12, 19, 26, and March 5
@7pm EST

In a closed Facebook group for sharing and support

You may also want to:

Dive deeper into the content with optional readings posted in our group resources.

Complete a weekly activity or reflection designed to deepen the course content.

Attend open office hours (TBA) with Monica for a free-form conversation and coaching upon request.

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OPTION: Order a signed copy of Play Wild, Stay Safe when you register


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