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"It's impossible to know just how imprisoned you are until you break free."


I am Monica Anna Day,

which makes me MAD.

But it’s become more than a name to me. It’s how I live.

I am MAD passionate. MAD alive, MAD inspired. And I am attracted to this same spark of MAD-ness in others. Which often makes me a walking wake-up call. I have little patience for the shallow relationships, banal conversation, and hollow pastimes that too often masquerade as a life.

I prefer the real, the raw. Even when that means messy. Or challenging. Or uncomfortable.

I may show up in roles called coach, guide, facilitator, speaker, performer, author, leader – but the way I see it, I am always one thing:

An instigator.

Because I can feel when you aren’t free. I sense the absence of your brilliance. I yearn to hear your voice, to know your story. To play and create together. To find the thread that connects us with one another.

And I grieve the consequences of our collective numbness. All the ways that we hide, everything that’s lost when we hold back. And I can’t live with it. So, I don’t.

Instead, I issue an invitation:

Whether you need to find that first spark or tend to the blazing inferno of your most alive self– there’s a place in my MAD LIFE for you to find yours.


How I became MAD

I have a pretty sensitive bullshit meter, and I’m going to assume you do, too. And let’s be honest, it’s a struggle not to drown in the bullshit. Every. Damn. Day.

So, while I know this site is gorgeous – beauty is important to me – I also want you to know who’s behind it, and how I got here. Because style is easy, but substance is another matter. Substance is cumulative. It takes time.

I have been doing this work in some form or fashion for almost 30 years.

It is the work of my soul. It is why I'm here. 

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On Stage


MAD Life

We begin as a single cell that multiplies,

until there are enough cells to add up to a single life,

that amplifies and connects with other lives.

Together, we create patterns that add up to a world.

The vibrancy of these patterns, and thus, the vibrancy of the world,

depends upon each cell, each being, each connection,

having mad aliveness, mad presence, mad courage.


Liberating aliveness in a world gone numb

MAD LIFE is a platform for emancipation. We recognize that while freedom may be a cherished ideal, it is an elusive reality.  

Our mission is to dismantle internal & external structures that demand our freedom in exchange for belonging. To instigate intimacy, forge connection, and question divisions that uphold the status quo.  

Our events are designed to liberate aliveness -- in body, mind, and spirit. And then, because it's no fun to be alive alone, we also offer experiences and programs to support you as you integrate, instigate, and create your world. 


MAD Experiences







You don’t pretend to know it all, you offer YOU. YOU, MONICA, are the powerful offering. You don’t hide the truth, you make people sit in the truth and guide them in a beautiful way how to use it to live fully.
— Allison