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"Living in a world of rules and boundaries doesn't keep you safe, it just creates the illusion of safety so you don't notice that you're isolated and disconnected."


Monica Anna Day

Monica is a unique speaker who weaves together a relatable vibe, with a poetic quality, and an expressive edginess that somehow never crosses the line of too far.

She is intuitive in her ability to read an audience, to empathize, and to present challenging and unconventional ideas in simple, understandable terms. Her range of topics and unique perspectives often deepen a gathering, lighten a moment, and bring something fresh and different to an event. She can craft a talk for any group.

Some past talks have focused on topics around instigating aliveness, using desire as a source of fuel and inspiration, relating across differences,  and mastering sexual boundaries in the workplace without sacrificing or repressing the passion that projects need to succeed. She can also craft talks around special themes and topics upon request. 


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Monica is available for speaking engagements, tailored workshop experiences, and private retreats.

She also offers the completely unique experience of Poet-in-Residence - where she attends your event, and in real time, reflects the energy and essence of it in performance poetry throughout the event, lending a sense of artistry and insight to balance out more straightforward presenters and standard conference fare.

If you're interested in booking Monica, please fill out, in as much detail as possible, the form below. Our speaking team will get back to you within 48 hours to discuss the opportunity further.

Monica’s presentation was powerful and enlightening.

The fact that desire can act as fuel to your vision and creativity was a totally new and expanded concept for me. A few years ago it was noted in the Harvard Business Review than many women executives outshine their male counterparts in all areas of leadership...except visioning. I think now that this is because so many women have a complicated relationship with their desires – and often hide or ignore them, rather than acknowledge and use them to develop their vision.

Monica taught us that our desires are a powerful and necessary ingredient of our success, and that witnessing and sharing them is the first step to bringing our vision to life.
— Varian C. Brandon, Sr. Strategic Account Executive

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