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There’s no one way to go MAD. And there’s certainly no right or wrong way.

You can come to a workshop, retreat or program that I offer – just keep scrolling and see what speaks to you.


I can come to your event and speak, or create a customized experience for your group.

We can create an individual coaching program just for you. We can meet someplace exotic and spend a couple days together in a private intensive.

Not sure? Overwhelmed? Then let's just start with a conversation. Send me an email – and we'll go from there.

Upcoming Events


Source Code

Introducing the Building Blocks of Human Technology


We each have far greater capacity than we realize.

There is a “forgotten language” that can give you mastery over every aspect of your life. It can even lead you to everyday experiences of joy and vibrancy that you stopped daring to believe were possible. It is, quite literally, a sort of source code written into your DNA for being soulfully and spectacularly alive.

For a weekend experience, click on Next Workshop. For a six-month coaching experience (which includes a complimentary ticket to the workshop), click on Group Coaching.


Infinite Woman


Meeting the many faces of the feminine

“I am not original sin. My sex is not the downfall of Eden. My love is not a distraction. My body is not merely a tool for production and procreation.”

There are so many messages about who we are as women, who we are supposed to be, what’s possible for us (and what isn’t) – they drown out our own inner voice, our inner knowing. Our magic. Our primal feminine essence.

But I can still hear her. Can you?

Join the immersive retreat to free your feminine self. Commit to the 8-month group and experience her deepest mysteries, wildest ways, and infinite power.



Order & Chaos


Learning to love the holy mess of being humans together

Our deepest desire is to belong. We want to feel seen and loved. Cherished and accepted. Valued and respected. But these qualities can be elusive – both in our closest relationships and in the culture at large.

So, we trade for them. We give away our freedom and conform. We give up our voice and choose silence. We acquiesce, and it turns into resentment, even rage. Sometimes, we even lose our sense of safety and security.

How can we learn to trust one another again? To find love across our differences?  

Order & Chaos is designed to address the many challenges we face when relating, to take the walls down, to repair and restore us, and to see what joy and union might live on the other side.

Each offering will be co-led by Monica Day and a second facilitator, and have a specific relationship theme. Click below to be alerted for the next workshop in this series.




Method for your [MAD]ness

A think/be/do tank for creatives and entrepreneurs

Aliveness often asks us to dance on the edge. Dares us to maintain our balance in the midst of chaos. Challenges us to not only stay awake, but to create new ways of thinking, being, and doing.

Aliveness demands that we not give up. That we find both our strength, and our flexibility. That we honor one another, even as we push one another. That we identify old systems that no longer serve us – and remake them. That we combine the best of ancient wisdom with the birth of new forms of knowledge.

Ten people* will spend 10 months on an intensive journey to face challenges in political, social, sexual, spiritual, and cultural arenas – and use them as tools for creation instead of weapons of division.

*Enrollment can be per project, rather than per person, in the case of a creative partnership

Highlights include:

  • Rotating months of individual and group coaching

  • Five guest mentors with diverse and unconventional areas of expertise

  • Two tracks:

    • Creators (artists, leaders, individuals)

    • Generators (entrepreneurs and organizers)

  • Five-day retreat

  • Final presentations via video or live at a Source Code Workshop


Enrollment Inquiries Welcome

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Power of One


Your voice. Your story. Your transformation. 

“Any form of art is a form of power; it has impact, it can affect change – it can not only move us, it makes us move.” – Ossie Davis

We sometimes forget that our stories are the very fabric of our life. We may get lost in our daily routine. We may tell ourselves that what happens in our little corner of the world isn’t as epic, as noteworthy, as someone else’s.

It’s not true.

We are all the heroes and heroines of our own story. We all learn tremendous lessons throughout our life. Those lessons change us. And when we share them powerfully, creatively, and vulnerably — they change others.

In fact, they have the potential to change the world.

The Power of One program is designed to give the power of your story back to you. In this creative container, you can draw on whatever you have experienced in your life — and use it as a force for change in the world.


Just You & Me


There are many ways to play.

If you are more inclined to 1:1 interactions, or want an adventure, or simply aren’t a group person — there is still a place in MAD Life for you.

I can’t tell you how open and unblocked I feel. For the first time in my life, I’m really eager to peel back the layers and see what’s there, and then, keep peeling, discovering, changing, evolving … thank you!