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Source Code



The Forgotten Language

That Can Give You Mastery Over Every Aspect of Your Life

It can even lead you to everyday experiences of joy and vibrancy that you stopped daring to believe were possible. (Really.)


Important information is available to you, even as you read this, that you don't recognize. Information about your life, your happiness, your career, your relationships – every aspect of your life – and you literally can’t hear it. 

You might say it's being "spoken" in a secret, encoded language you don't understand.

The thing is, you can speak this language.

You've just forgotten that you know how. And whether you realize it or not, this misplaced knowledge is hurting you.


Let me give you a simple example, something we’ve all experienced:

In your everyday life, do you feel stress?  Traffic jams on the way to work, impossible deadlines, an unrealistic workload. Your kids won't clean up after themselves, your car is suddenly making a weird noise, everyone's hungry and dinner hasn't even been started…and the mail is piling up.

But when you go on vacation, even just for a weekend – heck, if you just go to a friend's house for a cup of hot tea – doesn't all that stress simply melt away?

Until you come back from vacation or return from that friend's house, and all those stressors close right back in on you again.

This way of being may seem so normal to you that you don’t even question it. That’s just how it is, right?

Actually, no. It doesn’t have to be.

In fact, it’s only like this because you’ve forgotten how to translate – or even perceive – this encoded language. If you could just relearn it, you could have mastery over every single aspect of your life that now seems completely out of your control.


Introducing the Building Blocks of Human Technology

Personal development gurus often say things like "you have everything you need" and "you are whole and complete" – which is true. But why do we need to be told this? Why don't we already know it?

I mean, salmon don’t need a workshop on “how to swim upstream in 10 easy steps” and swans don’t buy ebooks entitled “how to stay with your mate for life.” What is our problem?

Well, what I've learned over my 25+ years of working with people is that we are unique from the rest of the animal kingdom in one crucial way: as our lives progress, we can become disconnected from some of the basic elements of being human.

I’ll explain in a minute why that happens, but first, I want you to understand how it works.



The very words you’re reading now – whether on a computer screen or on your phone – are easily discerned. But underneath, there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye.

It looks something like this:


It’s called source code.

Now, most of us know this is underneath every single piece of technology we use. We also know that if this source code is missing or corrupt or has even one little character out of place – nothing works.

What most of us don’t know is how to read – or create – this underlying code.

And let’s face it, those who do are in charge of technology. They are the masters of all our gadgets and apps. Our banking, our communication, our social media. All of it.

Now, what if I were to tell you that our human technology has the exact same problem?

Think about it.

Underneath everything you do, there are endless thoughts, sensations, emotions, experiences – all humming away in the background. They inform every single thing about you. They are your source code.

If you can “speak” this code, you are the one in control of your life.

But part of growing up involved presenting as little of this underlying jumble to the world as possible. Most of us were taught to look more like a well-designed and easy-to-use app. One that matched the other apps – in our family, in school, at work. It took years of training, but eventually, we got the hang of it…

Big boys don’t cry.
Good girls keep their legs together.
Go to your room if you’re going to act like that.

And so on, and so on, and SO ON.

With the best of intentions, we were re-programmed to fit in. Until we forgot about that jumble of information underlying what we show to the world. All we feel instead is a vague, uneasy, feeling…

Something’s not quite right.

How many times have you shaken off that feeling? Or maybe you drown it out, or numb it out. But you can’t put your finger on what it is.

I know I did for years. It was like I was fumbling around in the dark. I looked under as many of the rocks in my life as I could lift. My family of origin and the ways they shaped me. Experiences in my life that left a mark. Various habits that held me back and patterns I couldn’t shake.

I blamed other people. Was mad at myself. Even shook my fist at God now and then.

I was convinced there was some secret to life, and everyone else knew it but me.

Well, I was half right! There is a secret.

That jumbled mess we all try so hard to keep under wraps is the very source of our wisdom, our joy, our compassion, our aliveness – our very humanity.

It took a lot of trial and error, but eventually, I cracked the code. Of course, like most things, it was initially elusive but ultimately simple. A sequence of awarenesses and actions that add up to something remarkable: YOU!

Unfiltered, unapologetic, unafraid – you. Go figure.



Reprogram Your Source Code

And Restart Your Life

I've developed a workshop designed to restore fluency in the human source code…and I would like to invite you to join me.

The Source Code Workshop is a 4-day experience that will get you:

  • Into your body

  • Out of your comfort zone

  • Over your stories

  • Through your resistance

  • Connected to your creativity

  • Plugged in to your source energy

  • Fully expressed

  • Unapologetically yourself



I had worked with Monica as a solo coach and in a small group, and I knew others who had taken this workshop and raved about it – and even still, I was hesitant! It definitely had me out of my comfort zone but in a good way. I sometimes find it difficult to open up and have walked through a lot of my life with a wall up, which can get lonely. Through various exercises we explored who we are, where we come from, why we are the way we are – it was a real stripping down to my essence. I recall feeling so open and free that weekend, being able to connect more deeply, even with strangers. It is easy to fall back into your “old self” when you’re out of the experience but the workshop definitely gave me the tools to keep exploring and showing myself, giving me the courage to keep pushing forward towards my edge.



The workshop was perfectly-timed for me. I had taken care of my father-in-law until his death from pancreatic cancer, only to then learn that my mother received an aggressive breast cancer diagnosis. I felt witnessed, accepted and supported in every way, from releasing the pain I carried in with me, to finding the joy that was hiding underneath. I returned to the world feeling more awake and connected to myself than I had in a long time. After the event, I chose to have a prophylactic hysterectomy and double mastectomy. My experience at the workshop revealed an inner knowing that this was the right decision, a trust in my body to get through it, and a new power source that allowed me to take that proactive step for my own health. It can be easy to ignore the urgency to LIVE your life, to believe that there will be time later. I believe I was reminded, and redirected, to live my life now, by design, not by resignation. And now I’m doing exactly that.


Through a vibrant series of activities and explorations, you’ll re-learn how to tune back in to the “jumbled mess” that lives beneath the surface of your life. You’ll finally be able to hear the messages this language is so desperately trying to share with you.

It reveals your hidden desires. Your forgotten longings. Your subtle misgivings. It grants you clarity more quickly, offers you solace and comfort, and delivers you to a more alive, more powerful, more awake, more aware version of yourself. As if the veil that separated you from your wisdom were suddenly pulled aside.

I’m not over-stating it.

By the end of the workshop, you will almost feel as if you are a new person. Except that you’ll be weirdly more comfortable in your own skin than you’ve ever been.



Attending a Source Code workshop was one of those things I had filed away in the back of my mind for 'someday’ but it also felt like a luxury to do it just for me. Only when my professional needs as a university professor demanded that I find new ways to reach my students did I finally do it in November 2016. The weekend was a breakthrough both personally and professionally that has led to many successes both in and out of the classroom. I was inspired me to write and perform a one-woman show at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival in 2017, and I’m currently synthesizing what I’ve learned in the past two years for academic publication. The applications of this work are profound and far-reaching. I’m still following the trail!



From the moment you walk in, you can feel it – there is something different about this conference. Monica captivated all of us with her presence, authenticity and frankness. She challenged us to change the lens through which we view the world. To go within, connect with our true selves and determine if we were truly living authentically. Then, she provided us with multiple interactive exercises and experiences, so we could actually answer the question – and make changes in the moment, not just later when we got home. I left there transformed...and haven’t been the same since.


The Most Counter-Intuitive (and Maybe the Most Challenging) Workshop You’ll Ever Attend

This isn’t your average conference, where you sit and take notes all day and then go home to figure out how to apply everything you learned. Alone.

This workshop is more experiential in nature — a chance for you to learn new skills and immediately put them into practice.

  • You'll instinctively disregard years of programming, because it won’t feel like you anymore. (Hint: it never was.)

  • You’ll try things you thought were outside of your comfort zone, only to find that your zones are being re-mapped in real time and you’re suddenly open to exploring WAY more than you thought you would.

  • Your protective armor will fall away, and yet you’ll feel safer than you ever have in a room full of strangers.

  • All the mean voices in your head will be loved into a profound silence that you’ve never experienced before.

  • You will unearth a new relationship to your creativity, and find yourself feeling more free to play, to express yourself, to take up space in the world.

  • All the messages – the ones that told you who other people thought you should be – begin to fade away. Until you are standing in the pureness of who you are meant to be.



There were so many things that I loved about this experience! It was highly interactive and you had to quickly get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The best part was meeting new people and sharing very intimate experiences in very creative ways. I came away from the event feeling energized and open to new possibilities and feeling more positive about my life than I had in a very long time. Monica is a super creative woman who is great at helping her clients and retreat participants dig deep to get the most out of their experiences with her. She doesn't let you get away with any B.S.! I will definitely attend more of her retreats.


Source Code Coaching