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Source Code



Living your mad powerful life

We each have far greater capacity than we realize.

We already have everything we need to heal the divisions within us and between us. We’ve simply forgotten – and need to be reminded – that we have a source code, written into our DNA, for being soulfully and spectacularly alive.


Waking up to your life can be exhilarating, especially if you’ve been hitting the snooze button for a while – but you know what? It can also be scary. And lonely.

You’re changing, or at least, you want to.

But the world isn’t. The people in your life, aren’t. Your job, hasn’t.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to go back to old habits and patterns. To get overwhelmed. To go numb again.

Or maybe you’re tempted to just ditch everything. Go running off into the sunset towards a completely new life. Which might sound really romantic – but comes with a high price, and sometimes, a lot of loss.

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose.

In a small group coaching setting, you get the time and support to create and integrate powerful changes into your day-to-day life. Until the outside of your life matches the inside of how alive and engaged you feel.

If you can relate to any of the following statements, Source Code Coaching Group could be a fit for you:


•      You’re looking for a change in direction, a deeper sense of passion and purpose, or a better alignment between what you do and who you are.


•      You sometimes feel as if you are sleepwalking through your life and yearn for more access to your own vibrancy, creativity and even, dare I say, genius.


•      You serve others — either as a career, or at home, or just naturally because service is who you are — and might need some new tools and support to better sustain yourself.


•      You are at the top of your game in every way and are wondering, what’s next? (You might even be at the edges of boredom, or considering a path of self-destruction, just to feel alive again.)


•      You rock it at work and are floundering at home – or vice versa. 


•      You want to break out of the mold, flip the script, and take off in a bold new direction (despite being slightly terrified of the prospect!)

Monica called out my bullshit with all the love in the world. She helped me to stop suffering so I could start creating.
— Aja Bryant

Source Code Group Coaching

An ongoing program that has open enrollment in April and November, and requires a minimum 6-month commitment.


  • Small groups of 4-8 individuals

  • Video meetings so you can participate from anywhere

  • Three 2-hr group sessions a month

  • Two individual sessions, at the beginning and end of each 6-month rotation

  • One ticket to Source Code Workshop (transferable, good for up to 12 months from end of program)


Apply Now

$3,999 for initial 6-month session

$3,599 for subsequent sessions

Accepting applications for November 2018



Source Code Workshop

Come to the workshop to remember your Source Code