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Infinite Woman





Meeting the many faces of the feminine

“I am not original sin. My sex is not the downfall of Eden. My love is not a distraction. My body is not merely a tool for production and procreation.”

There are so many messages about who we are as women, who we are supposed to be, what’s possible for us (and what isn’t) – they drown out our own inner voice, our inner knowing. Our magic. Our primal feminine essence.

But I can still hear her. Can you?


Infinite Woman

8 women, 8 months
Dates TBA

An Expansion Experience


The root of our power, the source of our possibilities, the magic we house as women lies inside each one of us, and among us as sisters. 

The world needs us to remember. To activate. To lead. To expand our capacity.


During this 8-month expansion experience you will:


Explore the power of true sisterhood.

Work through the places where we don't trust each other. Where we compete and collude. Where we judge and shame. Heal the divides between us. Create real bonds.


Find your relationship with leadership.

What does feminine leadership look like? How does it differ from masculine leadership? Find the balance between these energies in your own nervous system. Locate your power. Lead from your vulnerability. Find your voice. Stand in your truth. Move mountains. 


Align with where you are in your life cycle.

Every season comes with potency and power. There is no reason to mourn what is passing or dread what lies ahead. Release the past. Locate the gift of the present moment. Prepare for the wisdom and beauty waiting for you. 


Watch your creativity blossom.

Your creativity is in partnership with your gift of creation. Reproduction is only one manifestation of this gift. There is so much more to explore and express in this realm. For every single one of us.


Discover the magical powers and possibilities of your sex.

We must reclaim this part of ourselves. We must restore our own honor, claim our power, understand our pleasure. Engage the deep mysteries of the feminine that reveal themselves through our bodies, through our senses, through our sex. We are the gateway to life. We are primal. We are sacred. We are creation and destruction. We hold great power. It is time we embrace this truth. It is time we live into it fully. 


Transform toxic forms of protection into nourishing forms of power.

Throughout history, people who are regarded as property and stripped of their sovereignty develop complicated forms of protection. It is how we survive oppression and repression. But protection is not power, and surviving is not thriving. To reclaim our sovereignty, we must reclaim our power. Together, we will learn the dynamics of the feminine protection system -- and transform it into a feminine power system. 


Highlights of this experience

1 Group Content call/mo.

2 Group Coaching calls/mo.

1 Individual call/mo.

Private Facebook Group for sharing and support

2 Group Retreats

*we will take the month of December off


Fee: $8,888*

*includes lodging and most meals for both retreats, two bodywork sessions.


Payment Options: 

Single payment of $7,821,44
(88% of total fee)

8 payments of $1,111

16 payments of $555.50


Admittance into the Infinite Woman Expansion Experience is by application, referral or invitation. Circle will close when full. 

If you would like to be considered, click below for the application form. We will contact you to set up a time to meet and discuss this opportunity further.



Infinite Woman Retreat

Join the immersive retreat to free your feminine self