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Foundations of Aliveness


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Gratitude, Completion, Comfort

October 22 - November 12

After great effort, sacrifice, dedication and commitment — the time finally comes to reap what we sow. How do we embrace endings and honor completion? Sometimes we feel grief and scarcity — uncertain about what lies ahead. Sometimes we remember to rest, to share our good fortune with our community. We offer ourselves up to celebration. We observe rituals of gratitude that keep us centered, grounded, humble.

It’s no mistake that every culture across the wide expanse of time and geography has rituals to observe the HARVEST. Thus, this is the focus of the next four-week study group in the Foundations of Aliveness Learning Series.

HARVEST ushers us into this deeply sacred and blessed time of the year where we honor everything that’s been created, celebrate everything that’s sustained us, and prepare ourselves for the deep and restful period of hibernation that ends the year.

Together we will explore:

  • Greeting the end of any season, be it relationship, business, painting or project, with grace and wisdom.

  • Recognizing the signs of completion and meeting them with grounded curiosity

  • Taking the time and space to celebrate what you’ve created and release what you haven’t

  • Noticing when you resist cycles of completion and learning how to welcome them

  • Applying the healing salve of grief, and letting it soothe all forms of loss, regardless of the cause or depth or timing

  • Engaging with community and tribe to share the fruits of your labors and connect through times of bounty and rejoice

  • The intimate dance between light and dark, and the impact it has on your nervous system

  • Discovering the depth of gratitude and letting it hydrate you and yours

  • Inviting in the requisite period of rest, repair, and renewal before the next cycle of creation begins

Course Details

We will gather:

Virtually, in a private Zoom room
(recorded if you have to catch up later)

For four live sessions of 90 minutes each on
October 22, 29, November 5, 12
@8:00 pm - 9:30 pm EST

You may also want to:

Dive deeper into the content with optional readings posted in our group resources.

Complete a weekly activity or reflection designed to deepen the course content.

Attend monthly open office hours for a free-form conversation and coaching upon request.

Save 10% on individual coaching component: Pulse Program.

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