The Truth Never Hurts As Much As the Exposed Lie

The Truth Never Hurts - Blog.png

I have had to tell -- and face -- a lot of truth lately. It is never easy at first. It almost always seems easier to avoid it, dodge it, or seek to change it.

When that fails, maybe drink it down, smoke it up, or Netflix it away. But eventually, truth wins out.

Truth has this way of being annoyingly persistent. Truth can get too loud to ignore, at the most inopportune times.

Have you ever tried to outrun your truth? Fat chance! It follows you relentlessly.

Truth is that still small voice that simply will NOT be silent.

Truth is that incessant boredom that tells you you’re done.

Truth is that razor-sharp vision that reappears every time you close your eyes.

Truth is that loving whisper that tries to give you the courage you need to face it.

Truth can be endlessly patient or horribly persistent -- but it never goes away until it’s been recognized.

Truth comes with consequences, always. But truth also comes with courage.

Truth is a prerequisite to deep intimacy.

Truth is a prerequisite for freedom.

Truth is the undeniable YOU that is begging to be seen and heard.

Is there an unspoken, unacknowledged truth gnawing away at you? Speak it someplace -- even if it's just inside your own journal.

This is how freedom begins.

Monica Anna Day