Intimacy is the New Pornography


You can open your computer anytime and watch as much — and as perfectly suited to your tastes — porn as you want.

You can swipe through hundreds of pics of potential hookups on your phone.

You can buy “toys” in tasteful stores, or have them sent in discreet boxes right to your house.

Itches can now be scratched with an ease that past generations couldn’t imagine.

But how do you fill your need for intimate connection? For sharing yourself fully — not just body but soul — with another person?

We say we want more romance, but we get it and still feel dissatisfied.

We say we want more sex, but we get it and still feel empty.

We say we want more security, but we get it and still feel alone.

There is a deeper desire inside us all. We want INTIMACY. And many of us have either forgotten, or maybe never even knew, how to create it with another person.

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Monica Anna Day