Some Days


Girl on Fire by Nessa Dark.png


“Be ignited or be gone.” – Mary Oliver


Some days I am on fire. 
Some days I am nothing more
than the ash, after.
Some days I am drowning
in to-do's and I-should's and 
Some days I feel complete,
like I have done what I came here to do. 
On those days, the dance 
between the sun and the moon 
feels more like monotony 
than magic.
I count those days carefully. 
Because I know they add up faster than the others,
and because they are sneaky, too. 
If I'm not careful - I'll 
miss it. The cue.
After some rest
after contrition, calculation, hibernation
(and always that smattering of resistance) 
it's time 
to ignite. 

image credit: Nessa Dark

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