In Service of the Revolution

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I have come to hate this "holiday." I have come to resent the sanitizing of Dr. King. The white-washing of his message, whittling it down to only what is the most comfortable to hear. A romanticized version of a revolutionary. So much so that our current VP has the audacity to breathe his name and our current President's name in the same breath, and compare their missions. 

If you're looking for hope today, keep scrolling. If you're looking for solace, move along. If that's all we look towards Dr. King for, every year on this day, we do him, and ourselves, a disservice. 

How we managed to equate Dr. King with a day of service, rather than the raging fires of revolution is beyond me. 

If you want to be of service, wake up the revolutionary inside of you. It's in there -- I know it is.

It's the part of you that speaks the truth without fearing the consequences. It's the part of you that is willing to find the root cause of the issue, and rip it out with your bare hands. 

It's the part of you that doesn't care about being liked more than being in integrity. It's the deep wisdom in you that knows you have more to say, more to give, more to do, more to feel -- and is willing to sit in discomfort while you figure out how to bring your fullness forth. 

It's the lion in you. It's the lover in you. It's the righteous warrior in you. 

I want to see you. I want to hear you. 

I have a secret mission. I've had it for years. It fuels everything I do... 

To urge us out of our collective slumber. To lead the way out of complacency. To question our acceptance of how things are, and our willingness to go along. To push us past our guilt and shame and into our courage and heart. To mobilize our anger for energy, our creativity for solutions. To reclaim our right to joy.

A revolutionary lives inside every single one of us. 

But to find that part of us, we have to be willing to look under the hood. Get down to what is real and true. Face what needs to be fixed. Find our courage.

It's all in there. And it's the greatest service you can offer the world. 


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