Mystery or Magic? 


For the past six days I’ve wandered around ancient sites in Scotland, and read the little posts beside each one of attempted explanation for the inexplicable and unknowable. Most of them are some version of “we don’t know why or how they did xyz, but we think it was abc.” Some see it as mystery, others as magic — or a combination of the two. 

Here’s the other thing I noticed...

The victor always gets to tell the story. And in that telling, wisdom and knowledge is lost. What we present as mystery or magic is usually a euphemism for genocide and colonization. 

This isn’t new. And it may even be our nature. No continent, color, or creed has been spared yet. 

So know that what we are struggling with and fighting about today is ancient. Ancestral. Cellular. 

I’m not saying don’t struggle. I’m saying, broaden the lens of your sight. Know what you’re up against. And choose your weapons accordingly.

Monica Anna Day