I imagine there are many ways to drown
the fast gasping kind of going under
scares us the most
the wave sweeps you up,
and you have no choice
no fight in you would
come close to the intensity


the end it brings
may or may not
be painless
may or may not
be final
may or may not
be witnessed
may or may not

it’s the shock that counts

but to me
it’s a merciful end
it’s a swift and sure reconciliation between
the delicate balance of air in your lungs
and the crushing pressure of everything else
that wants to take up that space
inside you

to me, fear comes
with the slow and steady drowning
the one you fight off every day
a cemetery of your best intentions
keeps a deep square hole of earth
just for you
you send a handful of dirt down
by moonlight

and by sunrise you know
your prayer
has gone unheard


Poem by Monica Anna Day
Art Credit: Near Drowning by Kayla Wheeler

Monica Anna Day