There is a “forgotten language” that can give you mastery over every aspect of your life. It can even lead you to everyday experiences of joy and vibrancy that you stopped daring to believe were possible.

It is, quite literally, a sort of source code written into your DNA that has you feel soulfully and spectacularly alive, more aligned with the world around you, more confident in who you are and what you want.

Once this code is activated, you are able to:


· Recognize, face and speak truth in a truth-challenged world

· Expand your capacity to feel the richness and fullness of your life

· Create an outside life that more closely reflects your inner self

· Feel more connected, more intimate, more honest and more compassionate in your relationships with others

·  Express yourself more powerfully, persuasively, and clearly

·  Stretch outside the narrow bandwidth of your current life, and learn how to sustain discomfort and disappointment so it doesn’t hold you back anymore

·  Feel safe and secure even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty

·  Unleash creativity and expansive thinking

·  Experience courage, vitality, conviction and passion to a degree you didn’t think possible – or even wise -- anymore


Now, I know – every personal development guru out there says these glib phrases, like “you have everything you need” and “you are whole and complete” – and they’re right. But why do we need to be told this? If it’s all inside of us already, why don’t we already know it? Act on it?


I mean, salmon don’t need a workshop on “How to Swim Upstream in 10 Easy Steps” and swans don’t buy ebooks entitled “How to Stay with Your Mate for Life.” What is our problem?


Well, what I’ve learned in identifying and teaching this code over the last decade is that we are unique from the rest of the animal kingdom in one crucial way: as our lives progress, we can become disconnected from some of the basic elements of being human. 




When we rebuild this connection, everything changes. EVERYTHING.

I’m offering this mini-course at no cost for now. This isn’t just my business – it’s my passion. I truly believe that if more people activated this code, it wouldn’t just improve their personal lives, it would change a lot of what’s wrong in the world.


So, if you are you ready to put more ALIVE into your LIFE, join me today.


Join the FREE mini-course, and get ready to reconnect with your source code