Meeting the many faces of the feminine

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“I am not original sin. My sex is not the downfall of Eden.

My love is not a distraction. My body is not merely a tool for production and procreation.”

There are so many messages about who we are as women, who we are supposed to be, what’s possible for us (and what isn’t) – they drown out our own inner voice, our inner knowing. Our magic. Our primal feminine essence.

But I can still hear her. Can you?


Somewhere along the way, we started to see the ways we are powerful as less than.

We started to believe that our vulnerability was weakness, that our sex was dirty, that our desires were too much. Buried under layers of shame, of rage – of so much truth unspoken.

Meanwhile, life itself depends on us.

Our leadership. Our vulnerability. Our tenderness. Our power. Our sensual and sexual expression. Even the dance with our masculine selves – all depends on having a healthy, intact, integrated and fully expressed relationship with our sacred feminine selves.

This relationship may look different ways at different times in our lives. There is no one way to be a woman, no single expression of the feminine. It’s not something you need to be taught.

It’s something you need the space to find.


Infinite Woman


Designed for the woman who wants to nourish whatever parts of herself are asking for her attention.

Whether it is her relationship to sex, her experience of love, her ability to trust, her creative expressions, her resourcefulness, her connection to spirit, her willingness to redefine sisterhood, to be witnessed in her full power, and to see other women in theirs.


If that woman is you, then consider this a personal invitation:


Let’s revel in the beauty that is our physical bodies — in all their shapes and sizes.

Let’s dance and stretch and play together.

Let’s discuss pleasure and happiness — and how we can make every moment more orgasmic.

Let’s get raw and uncomfortable. Let’s press the pause button on being “nice” or “good” girls. Let’s express our wildness to one another – creatively, vulnerably.

Let’s want how much we want. Without judging ourselves or one another.


I literally had a moment where I saw myself through God’s eyes. It was a remarkable, unforgettable, life-altering experience.

This experience is not about improving your relationships – even though it will. This experience is not about feeling sexier, more confident, more juicy – even though you will. This experience is not about having better sex, more powerful orgasms, or increased pleasure in the bedroom – even though you will.


This experience is about figuring out:

Why we hold ourselves back, and how to stop buying, and selling others on, our limitations.

Why we often operate in competition with each other, rather than sisterhood…and how much more we could achieve with the support of other women.

Why we feel scarce or empty sometimes, and how we can feel more of the abundance in our lives.

How jealousy can open us up to our deepest desires if we let it.

How we can redesign our relationships with men so they feel life-giving and loving.

What it takes to surrender completely and with abandon, in the most beautiful, safe and nourishing ways.

How to release the vast storage of rage and repressed anger that lives just under the surface…and scares the shit out of us.

That creativity is our superpower and how to infuse more of it into our daily lives.

That we can stop fucking apologizing for who we are.

[This retreat] led to huge changes in my relationship with my husband. I was able to trust more, which sounds pretty unbelievable. After 20 years together, who knew there was more to trust? But it’s true. Now, at a time when so many couples we know are splitting up, we are falling even more in love.

You are invited to show up fully to this experience, from wherever you are.

Nervous, excited, undone. Ready, grounded, steady. Turned on, flat. Empty, full. It’s all perfect.

Everything – absolutely everything – we do, discuss, and propose is optional and confidential. This material is explored in a coaching context – NOT a therapy context. That said, we give the utmost of care when it comes to communication and consent and safety of the space, and recognize the risk and tenderness of the material.



July 25-29, 2018

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa

Moffat, CO



Joyful Journeys offers a wide open landscape and magnificent views of the Sangre De Cristo mountain range. We will have a private meeting room, catered meals on-site, and access to the mineral pools and spa services between our sessions.

You can choose from several types of housing: lodge rooms, yurt, tipi and even tent and RV! When you register, you will receive a welcome email with details on how to reserve your room. 

A few important notes:

While you can choose the type of housing you prefer we strongly recommend doubling up with a roommate. From past experience, this encourages intimacy and bonding with the other women, and gives you a built-in buddy to spend time with during our down time. If you would like us to pair you with a roommate, just ask.   

We begin on Wednesday evening with dinner and end on Sunday at noon. We will be offering a van to and from the Denver airport for an extra fee. Please let us know if you need this when you register.

Expect to be engaged the entire time, whether we are in session or not. It is a full experience!




Enrollment Fee


Meals included in fee. Lodging and transportation separate. 


*Note: Our room block expires on June 25th. Be sure to register and book your lodging by that date!