Answering the Next Call

Image Credit: Both Worlds by Cecilia Paredes

Image Credit: Both Worlds by Cecilia Paredes

Quietly, for the last year or so, I’ve become professionally restless. Much as I enjoy the work I do with people, my sense of fulfillment has been subtly diminishing. A colleague told me I could just go on auto-pilot at this point in my career and rake in the money. I looked at him like he had three heads.

Instead, I’ve restructured my business to make room for grad school. This fall, I will join the International Peace and Conflict Resolution program at Arcadia University.

Like most of the choices I’ve made throughout my life, this one is not the obvious or most linear one to others, and sometimes, not even to myself. But it felt right. In fact, it felt essential and urgent.

This distaste I’ve been feeling about the ego-driven business practices of my industry. This sense of having a different contribution to make to social change. This move from supporting personal change to creating cultural competency. It all adds up.

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

What a relief.

If you're feeling a little uncertain of your own path, or maybe even misaligned, I highly suggest taking the time to read this article in The Atlantic.

Don't let the title fool you and don’t let the length of it scare you. I almost did and would have missed out on a life-changing, life-affirming reflection of exactly where I am and where I'm going. Not only did reading this article explain my choice perfectly, it explained the last three decades of my life perfectly. I want that for you, too.

(After you read it you find you, too, need to adjust and want some support: contact me. You're not crazy! In fact, you're probably more sane than you care to admit.)

Monica Anna Day