Cleave Yourself To Love

Cleave yourself to love
as if that is all there is

as if all your tears and disappointments were spent
all your fears and insecurities could be tossed aside with a kiss

as if your deepest desires
even the wants you’ve been afraid
to speak out loud
were waiting for you at the breakfast table

as if you were healed
over and over and over
just because the sun came up again
just because your heart was simply too full
to abide emptiness ever again

Cleave yourself to love
as if that is all there is

because you have noticed time after time
that when you do
magic happens
doors open to you –
the worlds revealed on the other side
much richer and sweeter than you dared hope

you are invited into secret places –
inside a child’s cry in the deepest night
inside the dreams of your lover
inside your own heart, finally laid wide open
displaying innocence and wisdom in equal measure.

Cleave yourself to love
as if that is all there is

so that when those who would come to hurt you
who would misunderstand you
who would take your words
and twist them into something you don’t recognize
who would take your open heart for granted

who would see something new about themselves
in the power of your very presence
and let their fear of something so precious and unknown
become a weapon they would take up against you
and yet, when they do
the only thing that could possibly shatter
is the mirror of their own illusions.

And in a place far, far away
from even the tiniest shard
you would stand
hands outstretched, heart open, vision unswerving
vast and all-encompassing as all the oceans
that lap upon the shores of the world
and hold the land in its embrace

You have gently allowed every barrier to drop away
every excuse subside
until every step of the journey
becomes just this –

a race towards love
towards this ultimate knowing
that outshines all others.

It is true. And it is all that is left to do
and say and show in every moment
between now and eternity

that love really is all.

Monica Anna Day