We Wake Each Other Up


This is not a party dress life
This is a run naked through the streets, life
This is a take me now motherfucker, life

This is a hold me tight,
sink yourself into me,
until you can breathe again, life

Not just once, and not too fast,
and not without gratitude

But as if you are visiting the place
the first beings called Eden
every time you enter me

Because you are willing
to face the terror of a woman
in her raw power and not turn away

Not because I am a Goddess
but because I am a Warrior

Because I am fierce

Because every time I bow to your cock
I am giving you back a part of yourself
you forgot

Because I know that when you grab my hair
and push yourself deeper down my throat
it’s because you are suddenly awake and alive

And when you cry out
it’s because you can’t reconcile
your vulnerability
with my power
without making a sound

This is not a party dress life

This is a shake off the shame with
every bit of courage you have, life

To live it you have to finally admit
that your instinct to kill
to protect
to love
and to fuck
comes from the same place
the same spirit

and one day you will have to stop
apologizing for it
you will have to wake the fuck up

and then you will have to wake up
every other person in your life
just so you can stand to be around them

and you can’t take prisoners
and there is no place for being nice anymore

This is not a party dress life
much as you want it to be baby

This is a stand tall and naked life

and the only thing I want anymore
is the one who is willing to stand tall and naked
and awake and alive
and whole and free
and so fucking turned on all the time

beside me

take me now, motherfucker
take me, now.


© Monica Day

Monica Anna Day