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Order & Chaos



Reigniting the Man-Woman Relationship


We expect a lot from our love relationships – maybe too much.

Best friend, lover, helpmate. Skilled co-parent, financially solid, practically useful. Hot, faithful, communicative. Maybe even, 'til death do us part. 

It's no wonder that many unions buckle under the strain. 

Add to that strain a changing culture – where gender roles and expectations are in a near-constant state of flux – and we've got a recipe for chaos and confusion. 


Order & Chaos

A two-day workshop

Designed to help men and women navigate both their inner world with one another, and their place in a new social paradigm.

This is a gender-balanced workshop open to couples or singles.


Day 1

We will spend the first day separated by gender – with women and men having time with one another, to explore their own side of the equation with a skilled facilitator.

Each group will explore the common traps, misconceptions, and challenges that may be robbing them of the kind of relationship they desire – and learning new skills to help them restore the vibrancy and intimacy to their relationships.

Day 2

On the second day, the two groups combine to practice the skills learned the first day.

order & chaos

Topics addressed will include:


How to practice the art of seduction

Embracing new tools of communication

Why honesty is an aphrodisiac

The importance of polarity

Establishing enough safety to play wild together (but not so much that your relationship withers from boredom)

Knowing how to engage – and withstand – the emotions of your partner

Letting go of grudges and resentments

Turning up the heat between you

…and more…

order & chaos

The Facilitators

Monica Anna Day & Mark Johnson


Monica Day
Mark Johnson

Mark is one of the lead trainers for The Evolving Man, a results-oriented community of men defining what it means to live vibrantly in both our internal and external lives. 

TEM supports men to feel alive, energized, and passionate through integrous, purposeful living. He is also an entrepreneur, business executive, coach, facilitator, and wilderness guide with more than two decades of experience of helping people and companies grow. 

Find out more about Monica here.

order & chaos


March 17-18 2018

Denver, CO

Space is limited to 10 men and 10 women.

Location is TBD, and will be in the greater Denver area.


Enrollment Fee

$599 per person registering as an individual

$499 per person registering with someone of the opposite gender


*Note: Individuals will be paired at random with other individuals during the second day of the workshop. You do not need to be in a relationship or attend with your partner, but you do need to be willing to engage in the exercises with someone of the opposite gender, for the purposes of learning the skills being taught.


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